Why was my add URL shortened?

In an effort to increase the level of privacy provided through their browser, Google Chrome defaults to sending a shortened version of the URL where a subscriber can signup to a mailing list, referred to as an add URL. For an in-depth technical writeup of what changed, visit Google's developer page.

To serve as an example, consider having a sign up form published on the following website:


Due to this change implemented for Chrome, subscribers that submit their information through a form on this site may only have the following add URL captured and displayed within your AWeber account:


Since this information can be very helpful in informing your marketing decisions as your business continues to grow, you may want to make sure the full add URL is always collected so that you can reference it if needed.

Add a Meta Tag

In order to instruct your website to include the full add URL with the rest of the subscriber information that is passed into your AWeber account, you'll need to add the following meta tag above the closing </head> tag of your page.

<meta name=“referrer” content=“no-referrer-when-downgrade”>

Once this is added to your page, the full add URL will be captured and displayed for reference.

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