Web Push Welcome Notifications

When visitors subscribe to your website for web push notifications you can choose to send them an immediate push notification welcoming them as a new subscriber, and to confirm that their subscription was indeed successful. By default these welcome notifications are enabled. However you may want to customize them. Here is how to do that.

Customizing welcome notifications

Assuming you already have web push notifications installed on your website you can easily customize your welcome notifications. Navigate to the Opt-In Prompt settings page for web push notifications or simply visit this URL https://www.aweber.com/users/push_notifications/settings/prompt/.

Scroll down to the "Welcome Notification" section. Use the switch to enable or disable welcome notifications. And then simply click to edit.

Welcome notification setup

What happens next?

Now whenever a website visitor subscribes to notifications on your website, they will receive the welcome push notification immediately after sign up. This signals to them that their subscription was successful. After the welcome, they will only receive notifications when you proactively send them to your list of subscribers. 

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