How do I create a payment plan with the Ecommerce element?

In this article, we will be walking through the steps to add a product with payment plans to your Landing Page using the Ecommerce Element

After Integrating with Stripe, you'll be able to add new products to your Landing Page. 

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Open the landing page editor, and click and drag the "Ecommerce" element to the desired spot of your landing page.

    Ecommerce element

    Please note: You can also get started using one of our Ecommerce Landing Page Templates.

  2. Create and add a product by clicking "Add a Product" from the drop-down menu.

    Click Add a Product

  3. Next, name your product.

    Name the product

  4. Select the "Payment Plan" icon from the "Payment Type" section.

    Select Payment plan

    Next, define the price. This will be the set price buyers will be charged for each payment. We will discuss how to choose the number of payments and the frequency of payments in the next step.

    Add a price

    Choose the number of times you would like to charge your buyers. Please note the minimum number of payments allowed is 2. The maximum number of payments allowed is 10. 

    Number of payments

    Now, choose the frequency of your subscription. You can select from weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly from the "Frequency" drop-down menu.

    Select a frequency

    After choosing the frequency, click the "Add Product" button

  5. If you would like to add an automation to the product, click the "Add Automation" button.

    Click Add Automation

  6. You can add or remove tags if a buyer purchases the product or cancels the payments.

    Add or remove tags on purchase

    You can also choose to unsubscribe a buyer from your list if they choose to cancel their payment.

    Unsubscribe if they cancel

Lastly, click "Add Automation" to save and you are all set! You can also edit your receipt and button settings as needed.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Payment Plan with Ecommerce and can invite buyers to purchase your AWesome premium content. 

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