How do I archive tags?

Tags are keywords or phrases that you can use to group your subscribers together or send them specific messages, either by creating a segment and sending a broadcast or using a tag to trigger your campaign.

You can view all tags in your list from the "Tags" page. You may have applied tags in the past that you're no longer using, or you created a tag in error. You can now archive these tags so that they don't display on the tags management page or auto-complete when you're searching. The auto-complete feature appears when you are searching for a tag on your "Subscribers" page, adding a tag to a subscriber's profile, or adding a tag to the trigger of your campaign.

Please note: archiving a tag will only remove it from the main "Tags" page and the auto-complete function, it will not remove the tag from your subscribers, affect your automations, or delete the tag in any other way--it just becomes hidden from view.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Tags" page and click "Archive" to the right of the tag you want to archive.

    Click Archive

  2. And that's it! The tag will then be displayed under the "Archived" tab. If you would like to restore it, click on the "Archived" tab.

    Archived tab

  3. Then, click "Restore."

    Click Restore
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