How do I copy my landing page?

This article will explain how you can copy your AWesome landing pages within your list or to another list.

Copying a landing page is a great way to make modifications to your landing pages without having to create each page from scratch, and it only takes a quick moment.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click "Pages & Forms" then the "Landing Pages" tab to access your landing page(s). Then, for the landing page you'd like to copy, click the more options drop down menu.

    Click the more options drop down

  2. Click "Copy to List" to see the lists you can copy to.

    Click copy to list

  3. Select the list you wish to copy your landing page to.

    Select the list to copy your landing page to

  4. After you copy your landing page, you will see a copy created for you that is initially named "Copy of [title of your landing page]". You can change the title and content of the copied landing page by clicking on the landing page name which directs you to the landing page builder.

    Copy of the landing page you just created
    Note - If you copied your landing page to another list, you would need to toggle to that other list to see the copied landing page.

That's it! Now, you've successfully copied your landing page and can make any modifications to the copy that you wish. The copied landing page will serve as it's own dedicated page, so any modifications made to the copy will not affect the original page and vice versa.

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