How do I integrate Thrive Leads/Thrive Themes with AWeber?

In this article, we will be reviewing how to integrate the Thrive Leads/Thrive Themes WordPress plugin with AWeber.

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. Connecting AWeber to your Thrive opt in forms will allow you to automatically send subscribers who fill out your forms to your AWeber List. 

Step By Step Instructions

  1.  After you have installed the Thrive Leads plugin, you can connect to AWeber. First, access your Thrive dashboard and select "Manage Connections" in the "API Connections" block.

    Select Manage Connections in the API Connections block

  2. Select "Add new Connection."

    Select Add New Connection

  3. Scroll and select AWeber in the drop-down menu.

    Scroll and Select AWeber

  4. Enter your AWeber login credentials and select "Allow Access."

    Log Into AWeber using your email and password

    You should see a success block indicating your connection has been established.

    View successful connection block

Connecting a Form to AWeber

Once you've successfully established the connection with AWeber, you can send leads to your AWeber List upon sign up. 

  1. Access the settings of the form you would like to connect to AWeber, and view the "Main Options" drop-down.

    Access the form you'd like to connect to AWeber

  2. Select "Add Connection" and choose AWeber.

    Select Add Connnection and Choose AWeber

  3. Choose the AWeber list you would like to direct the form to. You can also set tags to be applied.

    Choose the AWeber List and Add Tags if applicable

  4. Last, select "Apply" to save your connection to AWeber.

    Click the Apply button

Now you've successfully connected your Thrive form to AWeber! Subscribers will be added to your list once they sign up through your form.

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