How do I integrate BeaverBuilder with AWeber?

In this article, we will be reviewing how to connect BeaverBuilder with your AWeber account. BeaverBuilder is a WordPress page builder and connecting to AWeber will allow page visitors who submit an opt-in form to be added to as subscribers to your AWeber list. 

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Log into your BeaverBuilder account and edit the page you would like to connect AWeber to. If you already have a "Subscribe Form" element you can edit it. In this example, we will be adding a new "Subscribe Form."

  2. Drag the "Subscribe Form" action onto your page and view the module.

    Drag the Subscribe Form action onto your page and view the Subscribe Form

  3. Under "General Settings," choose AWeber in the "Service" drop-down menu.

    Choose AWeber

  4. Click "Register Now" to connect your AWeber account.

    Click Register Now

  5. Enter your AWeber login credentials and click "Allow Access."

    Authorize the integration

  6. Copy the authorization code that appears and return to the BeaverBuilder editor.

    Copy the authorization code

  7. Enter an "Account Name" for AWeber, this is for organization purposes within BeaverBuilder and does not need to match up to AWeber. Paste the authorization code in the corresponding field and click "Connect."

    Paste the authorization

  8. Select the list you would like subscribers to be added to and add tags if desired; separate tags with commas if multiple tags are needed.

    Select a list and add tags

  9. Once complete, click "Save."

    Click save

That's it! You've now successfully connected AWeber to your BeaverBuilder form. 

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