How do I integrate Kajabi with AWeber?

In this article, we're going to walk through the steps to integrate your Kajabi forms and offers to your AWeber list.

Kajabi is a lead generation service that you can use to create websites and sell your digital marketing products. You can also create sign up forms. With the AWeber integration, you can connect your free offers and forms to AWeber; when someone selects your offers or signs up through your form, they are automatically added to your list.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, you will have to connect your AWeber account in your Kajabi settings. Click the "Settings" tab and then select "Third Party Integrations."

    Kajabi settings

  2. Click "Connect" next to AWeber.

    Click Connect

  3. You will have to allow Kajabi to access your AWeber account information, including your lists, messages, and subscribers. Enter your login credentials and click "Allow Access."

    Authorize the integration

  4. Once you authorize the integration, you will be redirected back to Kajabi and you'll see the integration toggle is enabled.

    Integration settings

Now that you have connected to your account, you can connect your offers and forms to a specific list!

Kajabi Forms

  1. Click the "Marketing" tab and select "Forms."

    Forms tab

  2. Then, click "New form," and name and save your form.

    Create a form

  3. In your form settings, you will see a box called "After Submission." Click the checkbox to send the subscriber to an email provider.

    Click the checkbox

  4. Select AWeber from the list of available email providers and enter the unique list ID for the list you want to connect to.

    Select AWeber

Kajabi Offers

  1. Click the "Sales" tab and select "Offers."

    Offers tab

  2. Click "New Offer" and get started creating the offer. You'll have to name the offer and select the payment type.

    Click New Offer

  3. Once you name and create the offer, you'll be redirected to the offer settings. Scroll to the "After Purchase" section and click the checkbox to send your customers to a third party email provider.

    Click the checkbox

  4. Select AWeber from the drop-down and add your unique list ID to the textbox.

    Enter  AWeber details

And that's it! People who sign up for your offer will be added to your list.

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