How do I import my previous Etsy buyers?

After integrating with Etsy, AWeber can automatically import your existing Etsy customers to your mailing list. Etsy customers from the past 12 months will be imported and added to your AWeber account with confirmation.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Within your Etsy settings, choose the list to which you would like customers added using the drop-down menu under the "List automation" heading.

    Etsy list automation settings

    Once a list is selected, the Etsy app will start adding subscribers to the list chosen.

    Advanced automations with Etsy can be accomplished by upgrading to AWeber Pro. With advanced automations, you can apply tags to subscribers when they make a purchase. You can also route customers based on products they purchased.

  2. Next, within your List Settings, customize the Confirmation Message. In order to be compliant with Etsy's terms of service, all subscribers will be added with confirmation.

    Customize confirmation message

    You may want to include things like your store name, a link to the store, why they are being added, as well as additional information every Etsy seller should have in their confirmation message. I would also recommend requesting a custom subject line as well.

  3. Once your Etsy integration is connected and your Confirmation Message is customized, reach out to AWeber's Customer Solutions team and we will take it from there!

Please Note

Only one Etsy account can be integrated with your AWeber account.

In efforts to protect your deliverability, only Etsy buyers from the past 12 months will be imported by default. This is to prevent old invalid addresses from being added and so that older customers don't mark your messages as spam since they might not remember ordering from you.

If you notice someone has not been added, please contact our Customer Solutions team and we can investigate further. 

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