How do I use the Quick Menu and keyboard shortcuts to access pages in my account?

The "Quick Menu" in your AWeber account allows you to easily navigate between different pages and features. The menu shortcut displays on the navigation bar, right underneath the "Lists" table. 

Quick Menu Tab

To access this menu on a Mac device, simply click Command (⌘) and K on your keyboard. To access this menu on a PC, click CTRL and K on your keyboard.


Once you do this, you will see the menu appear at the top of the whatever page you're working on. If you want to exit the menu, simply click outside of it and it will disappear.


You can manually click on the option you'd like or you can use the keyboard shortcut. For example, clicking "Go to messages" would take you directly to the "Drafts" page, but you can also click the M key on your keyboard to immediately go to the "Drafts" page. Below is the full list of actions and the corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

Expand/collapse navigation X
Go to dashboard D
Go to messages M
Create a message Shift + M
Go to sent broadcasts B
Go to campaigns C
Go to subscribers S
Add subscribers Shift + S
Import multiple subscribers I
Go to sign up forms F
Create a sign up form Shift + F
Go to landing pages P
Create a landing page Shift + P
Switch lists L
Go to reports R
Go to help H
Open Live Chat Shift + H
Switch account A


Download a printable PDF cheatsheet here.

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