How do I use the Check Feed action in my Campaign?

Within your campaign, you can automatically send the latest content from your blog, YouTube, podcast, or any other channel that has an RSS feed.

The "Check Feed" action will monitor your feed for new content. When the feed finds one or more new posts, it can automatically send a message to your subscribers, similar to blog broadcasts.

You can send a message to notify subscribers to check out your new content or you can add the "Feed" element in your message to display links to your latest posts. Using the "Check Feed" action and "Feed" element together allows you to design messages with the latest posts from your blog, videos from your YouTube channel, or products from your eCommerce store to drive more subscribers to your site.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Campaigns" page and click "Create a Campaign" to get started. Once you're in the campaign editor, click and drag the "Check Feed" element into the sequence.

    Click and drag the Check Feed action

  2. Next, you will see the "Check Feed" settings on the right-hand side of the campaign editor. Add your feed URL into the "Feed URL" box. Note: If you're not sure what your Feed URL is, simply add your website URL and we will help you find it.

    Add your feed URL

  3. Then, select how often you would like the message to send out from the "Frequency" drop-down. Note: If you want your message to send as soon as you upload a new post, use the Hourly option--messages typically send within 30 minutes.

    Choose the frequency

    Use the daily, weekly, or monthly option to send your content on a regular schedule.

    Set a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency

  4. Select the number of posts that need to be present on your feed before the message sends out. Note: If there are no new posts at the time of send, your message will not send.

    Choose the number of posts

  5. Lastly, you can set the element to repeat. There are three options: forever, until, and for.

    Set the element to repeat

    If you select "Forever," the message will continuously send out. Note: If you have any other actions in your campaign, the subscribers would not move onto those other actions.

    Repeat forever

    If you select "Until," it will repeat until a specific date and time that you select.

    Repeat until a specific date

    If you select "For," it will repeat for however many occurrences you set. For example, if you have three occurrences, the message will send three times.

    Repeat a certain number of times

  6. To add a message to the action, simply click the "Send Message" section in the middle and select your draft like you would with a regular "Send a Message" action

    Add a message

And that's it! You can continue adding actions to your campaign sequence.

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