We’re Upgrading All Follow Up Series to Campaigns

Starting June 22nd, 2022, we will begin upgrading your existing Follow Up series into Campaigns, a more robust tool for email automation that offers a ton of additional functionality and use cases. No need to do anything yourself — our team is taking all the weight off your shoulders and upgrading your Follow Ups for you!

If you currently have a Follow Up series, here’s what you need to know:

  • You do not need to do anything. Our team will convert your Follow Up series into Campaigns for you.
  • We will email you before and after the upgrade.
  • If you would prefer to convert your Follow Up series to Campaigns manually, get instructions on how to do so.
  • Once you have completed the upgrade, make sure you delete your Follow Up series or they will be converted again as a part of our automated process.


Why are my Follow Up emails moving to Campaigns??

In 2015, Campaigns were introduced which allow all the basic functionality that Follow Ups have had for years, but with many new types of automations to make things happen when someone clicks, opens, gets tagged, etc.

When we did that, we stopped displaying Follow Ups for new users, choosing to spend our time and energy building features for Campaigns.

Now, we’ve decided to upgrade all existing Follow Ups into Campaigns to give you the best tool to send automated emails to your subscribers. Plus, we’d like to make your email management simpler (with fewer similar options in the dashboard).

Also, transparently, we plan to focus our time on development and training efforts for Campaigns and other new AWeber features going forward. In retiring this old feature, our engineering and support team will have more time and energy to spend on tools to help your business grow and succeed.

We encourage you to learn more about Campaigns, which are easy to use, can be more targeted to your audience, and have better reporting. Plus, we have new functionality coming soon to Campaigns.

Learn about campaigns:


When is this happening?

We will start upgrading on June 22nd, 2022. Keep an eye out for an email in the morning to notify you that your follow-up will be upgraded to a Campaign that day.


Will I have to do anything?

No. We’ll email you in the morning of the day when your Follow Ups will be converted into campaigns. Then, our tech team will take care of the entire process on our end. We’ll email again when we’re done so you can check out your new Campaigns.


How long will the upgrade take?

Most upgrades will take a few minutes.


Do I need to delete my Follow Up series after it has been upgraded to a Campaign?

Once your Follow Up series has been successfully upgraded to a Campaign, there is nothing more you need to do. As part of the upgrade process, AWeber will deactivate and remove your old Follow Up series. 


What will happen to the subscribers already in a Follow Up series?

Subscribers will be in the exact same step in your Campaign that they were in the Follow Up series. You, and most importantly your subscribers, won’t notice a difference in the emails sent to them.


What are the benefits to using Campaigns instead of Follow Ups?

There are many advantages to using Campaigns:

  • You can have multiple Campaigns per list. You were only able to have one Follow Up series per list.
  • Campaigns can be triggered/started when someone subscribes OR when a tag is added to a subscriber. So, you can send Campaigns to subscribers who have been on your list for a while — making marketing to you existing subscribers and customers easier and more personalized!
  • Using tags, you can also make your welcome messages and other automations more relevant to specific audiences. For example, show dog lovers your dog products and cat lovers your cat products.
  • Within your Campaign, you can add tags to subscribers at any step when they open or click on a link in an email. For example, if your welcome email asked whether the person likes dogs, cats, or both, you could add a tag when the subscriber clicks on certain links. 
  • You can also remove a subscriber from a Campaign when they open the email or click on a link. So you could send an upsell series to prospects, but remove them when they click to purchase from you and then automatically have them start to get a Campaign series specifically for customers.
  • We have a library of Campaign templates for you to get started with.
  • Campaigns offer better reporting: Percentage of emails opened and percent of emails clicked on. Monitoring clicks is even more important after the iOS update in 2021.
    Follow up series only offered the percentage of emails opened.
  • Coming soon: Trigger Campaigns with new content on your podcast, blog, YouTube channel, Etsy store, and more (using RSS feeds). You can send completely automated updates to your community.

Are there features in Follow Ups that are not supported in Campaigns? (We’ll cover how to address them)

  • Follow Ups offered the ability to add a subscriber at any step of the series.
    Solution: Create multiple Campaigns with one goal per Campaign. That way, you can start subscribers on the Campaign relevant to them.
  • You can have 500 steps in a single Campaign. There were unlimited steps in Follow ups.
    Solution: Stay organized and offer better content with Campaigns. Here's how:
    • Separate longer follow up series into multiple Campaigns. You can easily send a subscriber from one Campaign to another with tags.
    • Leave space in each Campaign for new steps. Maybe create Campaigns with only 200 steps in case you want to add an email in the middle later.
    • If you have a series of more than 200 messages, please contact our CS team for advice, there are likely better ways we already support to accomplish your messaging goals than a single extremely long series.
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