How do I create a Blog Automation Campaign?

Get more eyes on your content with a newsletter campaign without having to add another task to your to-do list. It will automatically send a message to your subscribers when there's fresh content to share. You can set it up to work with your blog, YouTube channel, podcast playlist, Etsy shop, plus more.


  1. Click to create a new campaign and select one of the newsletter templates

    Create a Campaign
  2. Select the automation type you would like either Blog or Youtube

  3. Click the "Edit" button.Screen_Shot_2022-11-23_at_1.38.03_PM.png
  4. Click on Step 3, your Check Feed action, to add the feed you want to pull content from and set your schedule4-checkfeedl.png
  5. Enter the Feed URL for your blog, youtube channel, podcast playlist, or Etsy shop. We’ll help you find the Feed URL we need to grab your content.5-feed-url.png
  6. Set your frequency to schedule often you want your newsletter to send updates6-set-schedule.png
    • Keep this set to hourly if you want your newsletter to send new content soon after it’s posted
    • Choose from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly to send your newsletter on a set schedule
  7. Click on the Send Message action inside Step 37-send_message.png
  8. Click on the selected message Subject Line to edit your message template8-messagesubj.png
  9. Click on the sample article to replace it with your content
  10. Enter your website URL to load your content10-feed_url.png
    • Keep your feed set to dynamic to send your latest content
  11. Update the intro paragraph and add a personal touch to your message template
  12. Save & Exit your message to go back to your campaign12-save.png
  13. Save & Exit your campaign to activate.13-save.png
  14. Click the "Activate" button. Screen_Shot_2022-11-23_at_1.38.36_PM.png

This template is set to trigger for all new subscribers that join after you activate it. Learn how to add existing subscribers into your new campaign.

Campaigns can also be triggered by tags. You can update your campaign trigger to "Tag Applied" to offer your newsletter to a specific group of subscribers.

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