How do I connect a product to a specific Campaign?

With the Ecommerce element, you can apply a tag to each of your products and deliver an automated message to your buyers based on the tag. Whether you are delivering your digital product or sending a customized thank you email, this is a great way to connect with your new buyers. In this article, we will review how to deliver your product through Campaigns after your buyer has made a purchase. 

In order to start selling, you must first connect your account to Stripe. Learn how to connect Stripe and AWeber with a step-by-step walkthrough.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After connecting your Stripe account and adding the Ecommerce element to your landing page, select your Ecommerce button to view its settings.

    Select Ecommerce Button

  2. On the Ecommerce sidebar menu, you'll find the "Tag Automations" section where you can remove and add tags to those who purchase that product. Click the "Add Automation" button.

    Add Automation button

  3. Set a specific tag to be added to the buyers of this product.

    Field to type in tags

  4. Click "Add Automation" after the desired tags have been set.

    Add Automation Button

  5. After configuring your tag and publishing your landing page, you'll create a Campaign triggered on the tag applied through your Ecommerce element. First, access your Campaigns tab and click the "Create Campaign" button.Click Create Campaign
  6. Select the "Blank Campaign" template.

    Select Blank Campaign template

  7. Then, select the "Tag Applied" trigger.

    Tag Applied Option

  8. Under the Tag Applied menu, add the same tag that you set to apply to the buyers of your product. In this example, we used, "pre-order."

    tag text field with pre-order tag added

    Note: To allow for your subscribers to receive this message multiple times, after recurring purchases, you'll need to configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries.

  9. Continue to build out your campaign and set to active when it's ready to start sending to newly tagged buyers. 

Congratulations! Now, once a subscriber completes a purchase from you, they will receive the configured tag, which will trigger a Campaign message containing the digital product or message you would like to automatically send to your buyers. 

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