How to send Campaign message in subscriber's local timezone?

If you have a global audience, you may want to send your Campaign messages in your subscribers' local timezone for the best engagement. This article provides step-by-step instructions to set up your Campaign's send windows to send messages to your audience in local timezone — instead of your timezone. 

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If there not an existing wait action, add a Wait action to the Campaign.


  2. Set a Send Window by clicking "Add New Send Window". The send window settings can be updated by clicking "Edit". Additional send windows can be added by clicking "Add New Send Window" again. 


  3. In order to have the following action in the Campaign sent based on the subscriber's timezone, enable the "Use the subscriber's timezone setting".


    That's it! The following Campaign message after the Wait action will now send based on the subscriber's timezone.

    Note: Wait actions are independent from each other, so update each Wait action accordingly.

How is the subscriber’s location data captured?

When subscribers opt in to your list through a sign up form, AWeber captures their IP address. Based on their IP address, we can capture geographic information like their location and timezone for most subscribers. Since the geographic data is based on the subscriber's IP address, it will not always match where they are physically located. 

Subscribers who are imported manually do not have any location data set up. Imported subscribers will receive Campaign messages based on your local timezone.

Note: Not all third-party integrations will provide this information to AWeber. If subscribers are being added via API without an IP address, these subscribers will receive Campaign messages based on your local timezone.


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