Does AWeber have webhooks?

AWeber offers webhooks at no cost to our developer community. We provide the following webhook events: 

  • subscriber.added
  • subscriber.subscribed
  • subscriber.unsubscribed 

An app will receive webhook events for each authorized user. For more details on webhook events, please review our expanded documentation.

Getting Started

Webhooks are configured as a part of the apps you create in AWeber’s Developer Portal. To enable webhooks, specify the valid URL prefixes where events are received and select which events to receive.


Webhook Setup

To authorize a webhook, the and permissions must be granted via OAuth 2 scopes for each connected user. Building an OAuth 2 request for webhooks is simple and doesn’t require special knowledge or extra libraries. A single GET request is all that is needed.

Webhook Testing

To test a webhook, complete the OAuth 2 authorization. Then navigate to the connected app in the Integrations section of AWeber and provide the destination webhook URL. Once saved, AWeber will begin sending events to that URL. If you have further questions about this process, please review our expanded documentation.


Verify the Payload

When receiving a webhook, for security purposes, please verify the webhook payload came from AWeber. AWeber provides each app a unique Verification Key in the form of a HMAC-SHA256 hash. Use this key to validate that the information received was sent by AWeber. For more information about the verification process and returning a proper response, please review our expanded documentation.


  • Why am I receiving the same webhook event multiple times?
    Double check the response code the app is sending back to AWeber. Also, use the AWeber-Delivery-ID identifier to weed out duplicates.

  • Why didn’t I receive a webhook event?
    Double check the json for prior events. Events in short succession are sent in a single webhook event. We make our very best effort to ensure webhook event deliveries, but we do not guarantee it.

  • Why is the Webhook URL field missing?
    Webhooks has not been enabled in the app’s developer portal yet.

  • Why is the Webhook URL field disabled?
    Webhooks were enabled after permissions were granted. Please reconnect the integration.

  • What’s the difference between subscriber.added versus subscriber.subscribed?
    Subscriber.added includes people who haven't confirmed their interest to be contacted yet.

  • Why did I receive webhook events out of order?
    Due to processing times, network delays, retries, and more webhooks may arrive out of order.

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