How do I import subscribers without sending my Campaign?

This article will describe how to import subscribers without sending them an active campaign.

While using filters in the campaign, the campaign will filter out subscribers who are imported to prevent them from receiving any campaign messages.


Step By Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page by click on the "Automations" tab.
  2. Click the edit button of the campaign access the Campaign editor. 

    Click the edit button

  3. Locate the trigger action or the 1st action in the campaign.

    Click trigger action

  4. From the On Subscribe menu on the right, select "Add filter".

    Click add filter

    Then, setup the filter so that it reflects "Source is not Import".

    Adjust filter to say source is not import

  5. Once the filter is set up, click "Save & Exit" to save the changes to the Campaign. At this point, subscribers can be imported without being added to the campaign.

If this is intended to be a temporary change, once the import has been completed, return the campaign to edit the trigger and click the black "x" next to the filter to have it removed. 

Black X next to filter that was created

And that's it! You've successfully setup a filter to prevent your campaign from sending to subscribers who are imported.

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